Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Christmas Cactus

I have a Christmas cactus at work that I ignore sometimes. One time it went a month without water and got quite droopy, but came back to life when I gave it water. Despite this treatment, it's full of flowers each November.
Just after it finished blooming last November, I realized that I'd never photographed it in bloom. This was probably because, until recently, I hadn't really brought my camera to work much. Last week I noticed it had a few buds and was going to have a second smaller bloom soon. If I'm lucky when I get to work tomorrow morning the buds will have opened and if I'm not totally brain dead, I will have remembered my camera and will photograph the flowers.
I've read that a Christmas cactus needs 13 hours of darkness to set buds and that they should not be kept in rooms that have evening lighting if you want them to bloom. I guess this little plant is evidence I'm not burning the midnight oil at work and that my office stays dark in the evenings.

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