Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Christmas Cactus Bloom

In my post yesterday, I showed a photo of some Christmas cactus buds that I took one week ago of a plant in my office. I hoped that today the plant would be in bloom. I brought my camera to work, and I was not disappointed. Not only had the buds opened, but it was a bright day with lots of sunlight streaming in the east window of our office. When I missed getting pictures of the flowers that bloomed on this plant in November, I thought I'd have to wait another year for the chance. This plant though, decided to give a second show today and I had my camera this time.

The petals backlit by the sun coming in the window


  1. Ces fleurs de cactus sont magnifiques .
    Quelle pureté de lignes et de couleurs !

  2. That shot of the petals with the light coming through them is simply breathtaking. Wonderful!