Monday, January 30, 2006

Belmont Farmers' Market

I'm so happy that many people in my town are working together to organize a farmers' market here. I'm am really such an advocate of eating locally grown food. There are so many reasons why this make sense.
1. It's fresher and tastes better.
2. Locally grown fruits and vegetables have longer to ripen. They can be harvested when they are ripe, not ahead of time to ship long distances.
3. Varieties can be grown for taste, not for their ability to ship long distances.
4. Shipping of food less distances is better for air quality and pollution.
5. Regional varieties not available for mass markets may be available.
6. It supports local farmers and the local economy.
7. It supports sustainablilty in agriculture and helps maintain open space in the state.
8. It builds community

It will be great when Belmont has a farmers' market. Years ago the town had many market gardens that served the nearby city. Looking closely at the town seal you can see Pomona, the goddess of fruit. I guess you might say the town is looking back to its roots.

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  1. I love the graphics for the Belmont Farmer's Market sign. Very cool.