Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Novella Carpenter is Coming to Boston

I really had fun reading Novella Carpenter's new book Farm City. It is probably not a big surprise that I enjoyed it and found it so interesting. After all, someone who writes a blog called Urban Agrarian is kind of already sold on the idea of urban farming and has probably already slaughtered a chickens or two. In addition to my love of her subject matter, I think that Carpenter is also a talented writer.

Novella Carpenter is coming to Boston MA. That's my neck of the woods (er um pavement) and I'm really looking forward to meeting her. I think she makes those of us who have raised and slaughtered our own chickens feel a little less strange, or perhaps it just lets us know there are more kindred spirits in the world than we imagined.

Here is the link for the Slow Food Boston event where you can meet her and here is a link to her farm in Oakland. Hope to see you all at Slow Food Boston. I'll be the one with the live chickens for show and tell!