Saturday, January 21, 2006

Wireless Thermometer

Wait, you're probably thinking that all thermometers are wireless. Most are but NOT my new wireless thermometer. Despite the fact that it does have a wire and looks more like I should use it to download music or communicate with the mothership, I think I like it. I need to try it for a few months though before I'd actually recommend it. It consists of the base unit that you see here and a remote unit. The remote unit isn't supposed to be put where it gets below 32F. (quite a joke here in winter) because the batteries will freeze. For remote monitoring below 32F. it has a probe with a 10 foot wire that can be optionally plugged into it. That's the wire I mentioned. So why did I spend probably double or triple what I would on a manual high/low thermometer? There were a number of features I liked. I can monitor the temperature inside the cold frame from any room in the house because the cold frame is within 10 feet of a window where I can locate the remote unit. I can use the probe to test soil temperatures in the cold frame or in the garden. It has an audible alarm that can be set for both high and low temperature warning. When gardening season is over I can use it in my freezer to detect any malfunction by setting the alarm to warn me in the kitchen if the temperature in my freezer in the cellar goes above a preset temperature. The only drawback I see so far is the short 10 foot length of the wire for the probe. There's no way I could put it in the chicken coop to warn of very low temperatures because any temperature I consider very low would be well below its 32F. and the coop is more than 10 feet from the house. For me that's not much of a drawback because I don't start to worry about the chickens until outside temps. are below 5F. and that doesn't happen more than a few times a year here. The price I paid was $29.99. One thing I did not mention is that the remote unit can be up 100 feet fron the base unit. In the photo above the temp. on the top (55F) is the remote temperature and the lower number (63F) t is the temperature at the base station. The photo was taken just after dark around 5pm. 55F really was the temperature outside in the yard today at that time. It was so wonderfully warm and springlike for January today. Currently, as I glance at the remote temp.on the base unit at about 11pm, it's reading a warm but more seasonal 37F.

Note: the answer to the question I posted yesterday is in the comments section of yesterday.

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  1. Ah, girls and their toys...
    Looks spiffy! :)