Sunday, April 08, 2007


A microclimate is a local area where the climate differs from the surrounding area. This area on the south south east side of my eastern Massachusetts house forms a small microclimate. Due to the exposure, the cement foundation, the bricks of the house and it's proximity to a heated home as well as a westerly wind block it is much warmer than the rest of my yard. The daffodils just 20 feet away only have leaves 4 inches tall and have no buds yet.
The weather here today feels more like Christmas than Easter, but because of this micro climate I get to have some daffodils on Easter! I'm hoping to overwinter an artichoke in the warmest area in the corner next winter.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

12 Day Old Baby Chicks

It always amazes me how quickly baby chicks grow and feather out. At 13 days old, they seem to have tripled in size and are sprouting wing and tail feathers. They also easily fly up onto a low perch.

An Easter Egger chick hams it up for the camera while her fellow Buff Orpingtons and Sliver Laced Wyandottes eat dinner.