Thursday, January 19, 2006

Impulse Cyclamen

Today I went to that big box store that sells lumber and home fix-it things to buy lumber for the base of the cold frame that I hope to start this weekend. I also needed an L bracket. To get to the area that had the brackets I had to walk past the plant section. They had some nice plants, beautiful orchids. They are tempting but I don't think I have a suitable environment for them. Then I saw row after row of cyclamens. Last week in San Diego I saw lots of cyclamens. They seem to be a common outdoor winter landscaping plant there and seeing so many made me see that in addition to their beautiful flowers, they had nice foliage also. I've never had a cyclamen, but I know they like cool temperature. My house is cool. With the price of energy almost every house in Massachusetts is cool. Did I need one? Noooo. I have lots of plants. I'm not usually an impulse buyer, but..... The price wasn't marked on them. OK, I thought, if they were less than $4, I'd go for it. I brought it to the register for a price check. $3.98 Bingo I win! It's mine.

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