Thursday, January 26, 2006


click to enlarge photo
This hawk showed up one day looking for a chicken dinner. Happily, for the chickens, he left hungry. I could not determine what type of hawk it is though. Anyone have any ideas? To give you an idea of scale ,the railing it is sitting on is 3ft. tall. The location is near Boston, Massachusetts, USA


  1. Dave Seng5:31 PM

    That's an immature red-tailed hawk.

  2. Dave, Thanks so much.

    He glided in over my shoulder as I was sitting in the yard reading and he actually had a chicken less than 20 feet from me, until I ran at him with a plastic lawn chair and he dropped the chicken. Figuring that nobody would believe me, I risked him taking a second pass and ran inside to get the camera. Too bad nobody got a picture of me running at a hawk waving my lawn chair. That would have been funny. :)

  3. What a story! I'm having fun looking at your old posts.