Thursday, December 22, 2005

Winter Comfort Food

I've been wanting to make latkes all week. Today I finally made them. They seem to me to be the perfect food for the cold dark days of December. Potato pancakes are not traditional in my family. I have no recipe handed down from my grandmother. I'm not sure if my grandmother who came from Sicily ever even ate latkes. So I used the recipe from
Beyond Salmon . It's her mothers recipe. He mother is from Russia. My three trips to Russia have convinced me that Russian women are excellent cooks. I ended up grated the potatoes by hand instead of getting out the food processor. After they were all done. I compared them to the photo on Beyond Salmon. Mine tasted good, but why did they look different? On re-reading her recipe I discovered that it called for the potatoes to be grated fine, not course as I had done. I guess that means I get to try again. Yum, yum. Oh, I did also make one intentional change to the recipe. I added parsley. My grandmother's influence perhaps?

There was one thing I also did differently from the last time I made potato pancakes. I used my electric frying pan. It has a thermostat and I think it keeps the temperature of the oil more constant and makes the frying go easier.

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