Saturday, December 10, 2005

Weekend Dog Blogging, Weekend Chicken Blogging

Here's one of our dogs , Cocoa. She can usually be found someplace warm. Here she's resting by the fire. For more weekend dog blogging later, head over to Sweetnicks Sunday night at

And now... Some weekend chicken blogging. The breed of chickens in this picture are called Cornish Crosses. With all the snow around here, that green pasture sure looks nice.


  1. Andrea7:42 PM

    Cocoa looks young. Is it an old picture or is she just in a flattering light?

  2. Dear Daughter Andrea, As you know, Cocoa is almost 12 years old. I took the picture last week. She does look good. Maybe I should have my picture taken by firelight. ;)

  3. Hi Urban Agrarian,

    Turns out we are neighbors! I live in Belmont too. It's really amazing that you can grow your own food. All I ever get to grow are herbs and tomatoes on my porch. Maybe you can share some gardening tips with me.

    By the way, I found out about Domenic's when I was working at a software company in Waltham. Let me know how you like it.