Monday, December 19, 2005

Early to Bed

This time of year, by five o'clock, it's very dark here at latitude:42. By then the chickens have been asleep up on their roosts for a while. Of course they woke up when I came to take their picture and give them a treat in return. It's very simple for them, wake up when the sun comes up, sleep when the sun goes down.
I wonder what time the chickens roost in December in Hammerfest, Norway, latitude:70 ?

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  1. I finally just put a light into the hens yesterday. I should have done it earlier. Egg production had dropped of although some of that was the upsetness about our moving them from the pasture into their winter quarters. Coincidentally, this morning there were six times as many eggs as before. Frankly I don't think the light affected them that quickly! :)