Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sharing the Harvest

Below, a squirrel has helped himself to the Halloween pumpkin on my doorstep. Although I didn't grow it for the squirrel, I don't mind sharing a little of my harvest.
Below, is a different pumpkin , a gift from a friend's garden. It decorated my office at work and then was on it's way home to become pumpkin soup for me. I had too many things to carry in that day and left it by the driveway to get later. Later there was frost. Later it snowed. Later a squirrel started eating it. I decided it would not meet the fate of the pumpkin above and today, very much later, it finally made it into the house. It was frozen and nibbled and not fit for soup.
So I cut it in half, scooped out the seeds, filled it with warm water and brought it out to the chickens. They appreciated the warm water on a cold day. Then they discovered it was an edible water bowl. All the better. Finally I salted and roasted the seeds, just for me.

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