Friday, December 30, 2005

Rock Hypocrite

This post has nothing to do with my usual my topic of growing or cooking food, unless someone has a good recipe for stone soup.
Today at Roundrock Journal , pablo was discussing in his post how difficult it was to part with his round rocks. I suggested that he take a picture of his rocks and give away the rocks, but keep the photo. Well, as I walked around my house today, I noticed I had rocks on the table in the living room. There were rocks on my bureau in my bedroom. There were rocks in the garden and even a rock in the car. But alas there were no photos of rocks, so I guess I'm a rock hypocrite. So today I took a picture of the rocks that are in my living room. They are rocks from a cobble beach in Scituate, Massachusetts, USA where I spent my childhood summers. The ocean has worn them smooth. The beach there had rocks as far as the eye could see. Rocks made up the front, back and side yards of the house. I don't just mean that there were rocks in the yard. I mean that the entire yard was rocks. If Scituate weren't over an hours drive, I would have gone today and taken some photos.
When guests would come to visit us, they would take home rocks. This baffled me as a child, but now I understand it. The rocks actually are interesting. Each seems unique. Rocks are so permanent, so enduring.
My grandmother's house that we summered in was destroyed by the ocean and wind in the blizzard of 1978, but the rocks and my summer memories remain.
So pablo, "Rock On" and keep your rocks. However, so as not to be a total hypocrite, now that I have a photo, I'd be happy to send you the rocks in the above picture. They're not round like yours, but they are interesting. If pablo doesn't want them they are up for grabs.


  1. I've only kept a few memorable rocks: a nice one from Walden Pond, one from a river after my son and I survived a white-water rafting trip, one from a mountainside in Colorado. The fact is that in the Ozarks, one thing we have is lotsa rocks.

  2. An interesting idea but the photos lacke the feel, the texture, the weight, the thermal properties of the real rocks... I too have a few rocks, some polished smooth by my touch in places, others polished by the ocean. Each has memories attached.