Monday, March 06, 2006

Coldframe 2 - a slight problem

Yesterday I made some progress on the coldframe. As I mentioned in my last POST, I decided to have two hinged windows because I was afraid that the automatic opener might have trouble with the weight of one big window. Below is the first window with its "glazing". The glazing is not glass, but is 4mil plastic. I cut one big piece big enough to wrap both sides. I'm hoping that the air space between the two layers of plastic might help with insulation. One dilemma I had was how to attach the plastic to the wood. I was afraid that if I just stapled or tacked it on that the holes I created might be a weak point that would continue to tear bigger holes in the plastic later in when it was windy. I thought that it might work better with something like rubber washers and screws. That way the washer would be between the screw and the plastic. I still think that might be a good idea, but I didn't have any rubber washers on hand and I did have some pieces of lathe so I used the lathe.
Below you can see how the plastic sheeting is fastened with the strip of lathe.

With the help of one of my kids who happened to come visit just exactly at the point that I needed a second pair of hands, I screwed on two hinges and attached the 1st door. It seem to fit reasonably tightly to the top part of the frame shown here.

I got out the automatic opener and studied it and realized I had a problem. It's for a vent not a door! Once I attach it, it will open the door enough to vent the coldframe. However, I won't be able to open the door further to tend to the plants. Oops! My latest idea, now, unless someone gives me a better idea is to build a window within a window on the second window. The inner window will be the one that the vent opens and the outer window will be the one I can open to get inside. Sadly this will be more work and more wood to scrounge up. The packing crate that the new furnace came in had some good pieces of wood that I used. I'll have to see what else is there before it gets hauled away soon. Despite that it's taking a long time, I'm having great fun building this and am anxious to get it finished and set in place. I also can't wait to try my new min/max remote THERMOMETER in my coldframe or as I like to call it my solar home for seedings.


  1. I'm thoroughly enjoying your posts on your cold frame. I think the screw/rubber washer idea was good, and I think the lathe idea is good.

    I was thinking you could put four windows on there instead of two, and having two vented plus two fully opening, but would you be able to reach all of the interior that way?

  2. Leslie,
    Thanks for you input.I was thinking along the line of your idea and thought about three windows. The vent window would be in the middle and be smaller. I've already built and attached one of the windows. It takes up half the opening. I think for now I will go with the vent window within the second windows idea. My job will probably prevent me from working on it before Friday, so I have plenty of time to change my mind and think some more about it.