Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lettuce Seedling

When I started my seeds, I started a few individual small pots of Romaine lettuce. They've grown faster than my other lettuce seedlings and they are ready for transplanting outside. The only problem is that I haven't finished building my coldframe and it's too cold for them to go directly into the garden. So I went to get more lumber and spent part of the afternoon working on the coldframe. It's coming along. It's still even early for a plants to go into a coldframe here, but I want to get it set up soon so I can start monitoring the temperature in it.
The amaryllis bud from two days ago is opening a little more and a second bud on another plant is coming along.
While I was buying the lumber I got some more seed starting mix, so I think I'll plant another tray of tomatoes and sweet peppers. There is no such thing as too many tomato plants in my opinion.


  1. I'd like to hear/see more about your cold frame. Would you post pics and do a post or two about it as you build it and then use it?

  2. Ok I'll post Saturday on the progress of the coldframe.