Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Moving to Bigger Digs

I'm not the one moving. It's some of my tomato seedlings that are being transplanted. I planted them in a nine cell tray and I decided it was time to transplant them to four cell trays where they will stay until it's time to transplant them to the garden. Around here Memorial Day is when we set out peppers and tomatoes, so they have quite a bit of time to wait.
I'd planted 2 seeds in each cell and in many of the cells both had sprouted. Because they were still so small, I was able to transplant each little seedling. When I was finished I had 16 seedlings. This is only one of the varieties of tomatoes I planted. If all my varieties of tomatoes make it I'll have too many for my garden and will probably give the extras away. It's fun to give seedlings to friends and then see how they do in their garden. It doesn't just generate good will. Often the different results for the same variety of plant will point out the pros and cons of different soils or care or conditions also. I also decided to try an little experiment on these seedlings. The sample size is way too small for the results to be any where near statistically valid, but I think it will be fun. I have two kinds of fertilizer, an organic fish fertilizer 2-4-1, and fertilizer called organic Plant-tone 5-3-3. I am also making some chicken manure tea (yum yum). Each tray of four will get one type of fertilizer and there will be a tray that receives nothing. I'm not sure of the feeding schedule yet, but I'll let you know what happens with photos of course.


  1. GIving away the extra seedlings is a great idea. It gives friends and neighbors an opportunity to try out a new variety, and like you said the good will factor is high.

    I like that you're doing an experiment. It will be interesting. The only group I'm *not* putting my money on is the unfertilized group ;)

  2. Hope you post the results of your experiment. I have seedlings everywhere right now and am so anxious to plant them as we are having such wonderful warm weather.