Sunday, February 26, 2006

Central Heating is Back

Late Sunday night Sweetnicks hosts Weekend Dog Blogging so head on over later.

My dogs Cocoa and Kahlil get to be featured in Weekend Dog Blogging a lot so I thought I'd feature a guest dog. Pictured below is Roscoe. He is a coonhound. I didn't realize how big coonhounds were until Roscoe came to visit and I got to see him up close. I'm pretty sure if he stood up he'd be taller than I am. Roscoe is a nice boy and it's easy to tell what he was designed to do because he smells everything. I watched him run around our yard nose to the ground. He came to visit yesterday with his owner Mike. Roscoe spent the day playing out in the snow with my dog Kahlil and my son-in-law to be Barry's dog Bogie.

Here's s shot of Bogie and Kahlil. I tried to get a photo of the three of them, but there was a limit to just how long I was willing to stand out in the cold trying to take a picture of three moving dogs.
Mike and Barry didn't come to play like their dogs did though. They came to work. They worked all day and into the night past midnight. When they and the electrician who helped them were done, the broken old iron monster mentioned in my previous post was gone and a more colorful smaller new boiler, along with new gleaming copper pipes was in its place. Thanks Mike and Barry. It's so nice to have central heat after being without it since Monday. The temperature right now is 10F and it's predicted to go lower later. It's nice not to be throwing log after log into the fireplace tonight.


  1. WOW it's all shiny and clean and neat as a pin. Looks great!

    I don't envy you, with temps that low and relying on wood heat. We lose gas when the temps go down below about 17 and I hate those nights getting up to feed the wood stove... it's not so much feeding the stove that bothers me, it's fretting about whether or not my water pipes will burst. On nights that we lose gas, we run fans to circulate the heat around a little bit.

  2. That is one pretty boiler. So happy for you. I bet it is nice to have warm toes again.

    Roscoe is a beautiful dog.

    Take care,