Sunday, February 12, 2006

Amaryllis Collection

I have a collection of amaryllis plants. Actually the word collection implies more thought than I've given the spent amaryllis bulbs that I've saved or been given over the years. Most people don't want to keep a bulb that will take a whole year to produce another flower and whose foliage is not very good looking. I think they are worth saving. I counted them today and discovered that I'm up to 9 pots of them. They usually bloom for me in late February or March. Last year I actually started writing the bloom date on the pot. I was curious if each one would be predictable. It's going to take a few years to complete that experiment. Last week the first of the amaryllis plants sent up a bud. At this stage they practically grow before your eyes. It's a great bulb to buy an impatient gardner. Every day you can see it grow some more. Below is the bud last Wednesday. I hadn't been turning it and it's growing toward the sun.
Just two days later on Friday, it's straightened out and a whole lot taller.
And today on Sunday, it's grown even taller. I measured it. It's 9 inches from the rim of the pot to the top of the bud.


  1. Amaryllis *are* beautiful. I had a neighbor who grew a slew of them beside her house in zone 8. I think they wintered over; I don't recall her digging them up.

  2. The Amaryllis my father gave me for Christmas this year just started blooming this week. Beautiful flowers. Two of the ones from last year and the year before look like they won't be far behind.