Sunday, April 30, 2006

Artichokes Day 57

I've written before about the artichokes I'm trying to raise this year. On March 12th they were just germinating. Later on March 24th they were still little sprouts with seed leaves. After 57 days they now have four true leaves each. They don't exactly grow quickly, do they? Although I think it is warm enough to transplant them into my community garden plot, I think I want to wait a little longer. My garden is in the middle of a big open field that's at least a few acres in size. It opened a week ago so there is not much planted yet except seeds. I did plant a few broccoli seedlings and most seem to be surviving, but it has been rather cool with a strong steady wind lately and I'm not ready to leave these babies in the middle of a field all alone without a windbreak. The round pots hold about a quart and the square one is even larger so they are not in any danger of becoming pot bound soon.
This is about a quarter of the area of the community garden plots. You can see why I don't want to plant my little seedlings all alone here yet. Give this place another month and it will look very different. There are about 100 garden plots here. The gardens as well as the farm are open to the public. If you're in the area of Lincoln Massachusetts which is only 5 minutes from Walden Pond in Concord Massachusetts, come visit. The web site is

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  1. I would have drowned those artichokes by now. When I think something isn't thriving (i.e. growing fast enough to suit me), I tend to water it. I think you're doing great.

    Community plots are common in England where houses are close and yards are teeny. I didn't realize we had them in the US. I don't know if I'd have the discipline to go to a plot. It'd be too much like going to a gym. Inertia is a powerful thing :)