Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sign of Spring

This is a picture of the egg bin in my refrigerator. As you can see the eggs are piling up. That's because it's spring and my four hens are on overdrive laying eggs. In the last 4 days they have layed 14 eggs. I can't eat them that fast. Today I had 2 for breakfast. My two dogs and my daughter's dog who was visiting had 3 each and I sent home about a dozen with my son-in-law when he picked up his dog. I'm back down to about 1/2 dozen.
I remember once when someone was visiting and I gave her all the eggs I had at the time, maybe eight, to take home. She didn't want to take them all. She protested saying, but you won't have any for your breakfast tomorrow. I told her I certainly would that there would be fresh eggs waiting for me when I went out to the coop. She then was willing to take all the eggs.
Today I had my two eggs over easy. I think tomorrow I'll try them scrambled with some of the chives that have started to come up in the garden.
I recommend a small flock of 3 or 4 hens for almost anyone. They are happy roaming even the smallest of yards, require a coop not much bigger than a large dog house, are very interesting to watch, and the eggs taste fantastic. Also if you are a gardener like I am, there are other great benefits from the chickens that help my veggies grow.

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  1. Looking forward to that in a couple of more months - we just got 14 hens a few weeks back, so when they 'come of age' well have plenty!