Friday, May 05, 2006

Child Supporting Agriculture

Recently my daughter told me she was considering buying a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share. That’s an arrangement between a farm and customer where the customer pays the farmer a fee for the season and gets a share of the harvest each week. It’s a great idea and I highly recommend it. However, I’m an avid gardener who always grows more than I can eat myself. I think my daughter may have been asking in a round about way if I would have enough from my garden for her this summer. Well I took the bait and told her CSAs are a good idea, but I can never eat all I grow and will send them veggies each week. Either Christine or her fiancé Barry comes by at least once a week. I told them I’d send them home with home grown things each time they came. Yesterday they left the dog here so I had to make good on my word. It’s a little early in the season so I had to scrounge a bit but what I came up with was 1 dozen eggs, red and green lettuce that I triple washed and bagged, a carnival squash left over from last years garden, and some parsley, sage, rosemary and (sorry no thyme yet). I also cooked a chicken I raised last summer, slathered in homemade barbeque sauce and sent ½ of it along also. The chicken didn’t make it into the picture because it was in the oven for the photo shoot.

It will be interesting to see how long after I post this my other daughter calls so she can get her share also. I don’t know if other bloggers have noticed that kids that ignore most of what you say will actually spend time to reading anything you blog about.

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