Monday, April 10, 2006

Funny Pepper Seedlings

This year I vowed I would label all my seedlings. For the most part I have. Apparently I didn't always labeled them correctly. After planting new tomato seeds Friday to replace the seedlings that I froze last week, I came across these among the real peppers as I was rearranging pots. I was overjoyed to see them. Based on their potato looking leaves, I think and hope they are a Franchi Seeds variety called cuor di bue (ox heart) tomatoes. I've never tried them before and am afraid that the one I just re-planted would be too late. Had I discovered these seedlings before I froze most of the other tomatoes I probably just would have snipped off the weaker ones and kept the four stronger ones. Instead I carefully transplanted each of the nine that were growing into individual cells. Now the big question is when do I dare put these new seedlings into the cold frame?


  1. I vowed I'd keep a gardening journal. I thought I was doing well until I flipped it open this morning and my last entry was 25 March. Ugh.

    How are the separated transplants doing? Not too much shock, I hope.

  2. Leslie,
    The separated transplants seem to be doing fine. I think I'll give them a little fertilizer today