Friday, October 13, 2006

Chickens on Pasture

finally, a few weeks ago the broiler chicks were moved out to the pasture. They are locked up in the mobile coop at night for protection and let out during the day. They are surrounded by electric fencing to protect them from predators or overly curious cows with whom they are sharing a pasture. The vast majority of chickens raised in our country never even go out of doors for their entire lives and live in very crowded conditions. I'm so happy to be raising my meat in a healthier and more humane way. People ask me how I can butcher and eat something I helped raise myself. These same people eat supermarket chicken with no qualms.


  1. I MISS having chickens. When we lived on a farm, they were animals and we loved them. when they came into the house dressed, they were meat. There was never a uqestion. We had one problem when our girls - ages 3 and 8, named about a dozen of the first laying hens - after neighbors. They delighted in telling neighbors... such as Martha.. that we had Martha for dinner. lol.
    I like your blog.. can't wait to come back when its not so late and 'deep breath' some 'memories'.

  2. You're absolutely right. I was surprised to find that there's really no sadness in butchering your own chickens; rather, there is joy in seeing them out in the fresh air and sun, chasing a bug or munching on greens and seeds.

  3. For where are thou? We miss you!