Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How to Weigh a Chicken - The Easy Way

Before today, each week I used to catch some of the chicks, put them in a cardboard box and weigh them and record the average weight. Today I couldn't find the cardboard box. The chickens showed me a much easier way to weigh them. Less than 30 seconds after putting the scale down, a little rooster would jump up and weigh himself. I'd record his weight, shoo him off and wait for the next one to jump on. I weighed three of them today this way. The average weight of these White Rocks rooster chicks was 1 pound 5.7 ounces. They are 6 weeks old.


  1. I love it! It probably should have occurred to me that you couldnt' possibly have kept them OFF that scale! They are incredilby curious, but not so bright, animals.

    We have a tote by the back door that has been converted into a winter sleeping spot for the cats (with the addition of layers of old towels for insulation from the cold air). These are the same cats that spring out and scare the chickens and chase them every opportunity they get.

    Despite that, once the chickens are freed for their afternoon free-range, one stubborn hen bee-lines directly for that cat house. Now what kind of instinct is THAT?! She corners herself in the predator's den to lay her egg. I shoo her out and she comes right back. And it's not like she has any privacy there, with children looking in there all the time for their kitties.

    I do really enjoy my chickens, but even I have to admit that we humans have domesticated them to the point that they have no useful instincts left.

    I enjoy your blog. Will be back again soon.

    Laura (ChickenMama)

  2. I love it too! Excellent photo! Love those tomatoes too down below. Keep warm... -Walter

  3. I'd seen this post before but revisited. That second pic is a hoot - I love the way the other chickens are reading the scale.

  4. What kind/brand of scale is that? I think it would be fun to try weighing my chickens that way too :)

    They will definitely hop on any small raised platforms; I've got White Rocks as well.