Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm Still Here - New Camera on the Way

Wow It's hard to believe it's been almost a month since I posted. I've finally ordered a new camera to replace my old one that bit the dust. I've borrowed a camera in the mean time, but it's just no fun using it and I don't like posting without a photo. I've decided on a Canon Powershot A710 to replace my Nikon Coolpix 950 that I did love despite the fact that it was a 2 megapixel camera and quite old. I should have the new one in about 1o days.

In the mean time, here are some photos of sunflowers. Where I plant my vegetable garden, sunflowers grow wild and I always leave or transplant one or more to act as "poles" for something climbing. Last year I grew Romano pole beans on some sunflowers and this year I grew yardlong beans one sunflower stalk. When the sunflower is a few feet tall I pinch the ends to make it branch to give the beans more places to climb. As the beans grow up the plant I also pull off as many leaves from the sunflower plant as I can without killing it. This is to let more light in. This was my first year growing yard long beans. I didn't like the taste as much as regular string beans, but I did like it enough to grow them again. Each beanpod is about 18 inches long . That makes harvesting go really quickly.
If you click on the photo for a larger image, you can see some of the yardlong beans hanging on the right side of the plant.


  1. Gorgeous close up - Sunflowers add so much to a garden. I'm excited for you and your new camera. Has it yet arrived? I order a fujifilm finepix s5200 - with telephoto and WA lenses but then found a site with thousands of pictures taken by that camera and not one had sharpness or clarity. Very disappointing. I was able to stop the shipment, but now it means hunting for another. Good luck with yours - hope to see some photos from it shortly.

  2. Yep, The camera arrived late Monday. Due to lots of Thanksgiving prep. I've just started to play with it today. It came with a puny little memory card. I wanted to get a one gig card today, but couldn't bring myself to go shopping on the busiest day of the year....maybe tomorrow

  3. I love my Powershot. GOt it last winter to replace my original low-res Olympus. Enjoy!