Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Little Cottage?

Camera angle can mean so much. What appears to be a little country cottage is really an A-frame pig shed. The other side of the fence is mostly mud with a couple of very pregnant Tamworth sows wallowing in it. If my camera had not broken, I was going to take a photo from the other direction. This is one of the perennial plots (not mine) where I have my community garden at Codman Farm in Lincoln, Massachusetts, USA.

Chick update: At 4 weeks old today, the White Rock Roosters weighed an average of a little over 10 oz. each.

Note. My camera (Nikon Coolpix 950) broke! I don't have time to investigate or buy one before my daughters wedding. Any thoughts on what you love or hate about the camera you use would be appreciated for when I start the camera buying process. In the mean time no more baby chick update photos.

1 comment:

  1. What did you finally choose for a camera? I'm looking also. Love my old Sony Mavica's 10x optical, but not its l meg quality. I love the Pig Cottage. We built one and I painted 'lolling, pigs with chocolates etc. They were not appreciative at all, but it amused me.