Sunday, August 06, 2006


Today is Weekend dog blogging over at Sweetnicks. Check it out

Spigariello in the field (no the dog is not named spigarello)

Spigariello with some of today's harvest

Spigariello serving suggestion (just kidding. It needs cooking. )

Spigarello is a new vegetable for me this year. A friend gave me some seeds and I tried them even though I'd never actually eaten spigarello before. It turned out to be easy to grow and tasty. I planted it the same time as I planted broccoli. For cooking separate the leaves and stems and only cook the leaves. The stems are too tough to bother with. To me it tastes kind of like kale, but also with a definite broccoli taste. It is supposed to form little florets, but mine didn't. I'm guessing that might be because it's been too hot. I'm planning on freezing any extra I have for winter soups and growing it again next year. In the meantime it's been producing for weeks.


  1. Wow! Nice artichokes! I'm very impressed. (Nice dog too! :) )

  2. I'd never heard of spigariello before. Great post - and the photos, my goodness! All your produce looks like art. Mine all has a "home-made" sad but sincere look to it :)

    GREAT job on the artichokes.

  3. I just found spigariello at our market, and bought it for the name. The vitamins won't hurt, either. I'm going to try a dish with it today. We'll see how it cooks up.