Wednesday, August 09, 2006


If I could only grow one thing in my garden, it would be tomatoes. I've been eating them everyday for the last few weeks and also giving many away. Last night I picked about 12 lbs and made them into sauce to freeze. This year I've planted 50 plants in 14 varieties. Some of the heirlooms like Brandywine and the purples aren't quite ready yet. If I could only plant one type, I'd actually have to choose Early Girl for it's good taste, good and early yield and medium size. I really like Brandywine too but it is a late tomato in my garden. I'm also really enjoying Sungold a lot. It's an orange cherry tomato. I thought I only liked red tomatoes, but Sungold has changed my mind. The varieties that I planted this year are;
black prince
cherokee purple
costoluto fiorentino
matts wild
old german
ox heart
parks whopper
unlabeled mystery (turned out to be a medium orange tomato)

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