Monday, July 24, 2006


The homegrown food for today is zucchini.
Home grown zucchini, like Rodney Dangerfield, seems to get no respect. It’s the butt of jokes and people act like it’s harder to give away than a litter of kittens. It does have a habit of hiding under its leaves and growing too big which is a shame because, in my opinion, size DOES matter. Smaller is better for zucchini. I like zucchini best about an inch in diameter. Bigger zucchini can be used for zucchini bread. I also sometimes make a casserole of zucchini, mozzarella, breadcrumbs and tomato sauce with zucchini up to 2 or so inches in diameter, but my favorite zucchinis are the very little ones that are smaller than are available in stores in the USA.

I picked my first zucchini this weekend. It was even smaller than the one inch diameter size I prefer, but you know how it is with zucchini, if you look away for a moment, it may double in size, so I grabbed it while it was still small. I decided to stuff the flower with a mixture of some feta, breadcrumbs and milk, then dipped it in egg and fried it. I would have preferred goat cheese for the stuffing, but had none. The zucchini I simply sliced and sautéed for a few minutes in olive oil. Together with some sliced tomatoes, it was a nice lunch.

Stuffed zucchini blossoms are a great way to use the flowers, especially the male blossoms that aren’t going to form zucchinis anyway. Just be sure to leave some male flowers on the plant so the female flowers can get pollinated. If you’re wondering which is which, the females have tiny zucchinis at the base of the flower. The males do not.

Variety: Franchi Seeds – Striato d’Italia ( Italian Striped)
I like this variety because it has ridges and nice flowers and of course because it tastes good.


  1. I know, I always hear people complaining about too much zucchini! I love zucchini! I've never eaten a flower. I try eat one.

  2. Looks delicious! There is never too much zucchini!

  3. Linda7:31 AM

    I understand the too much zucchini. You start off wwith the first produce with so much excitement.. and go through all these wonderful recipes.. and then.. Your friends begin to pull their curtains closed when you appreach with "the bag"... my family begins threaten eating at the neighbors. I can always eat stuffed little zucchini, rat ta touie..and zucchini sweet pickle chunks. A Maine friend gave me the recipe for extremely easy pickles that NEVER go soft. Thanks, Jean.

    I've loved visiting your blog.. can't wait to read more. Brings me back to my younger years. ;-D