Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Blue Egg

The type of chickens that lay blue eggs are called Easter Eggers. They are Araucana mixes and can lay blue, green, brown or white or a blend of those colors depending on the genetics. The gene for blue eggs is actually dominant. It is a seperate gene from the ones that control white or brown egg color. So the egg can have both blue and brown color. That can make them look greenish or kakhi.

I was wondering if this hen was ever going to start laying. She finally did start at 7 months and I'm really happy with the color of her eggs. The photo shows it next to a brown egg my Plymouth Barred rock layed for comparison.


  1. That's a beautiful shade of blue. It's also a surprisingly large egg for one of her first. I guess waiting paid off, and her little system is well and truly ready.

  2. Beautiful eggs. I love the variety of colors we get. The Araucanas are pretty birds too although shier. Our current rooster is one too. So far I haven't hatched any. Sometime...

  3. We have a hen that looks identical to that. We think she is some kind of americauna mix since she lays light blue eggs. We love her! My then 3 y-o named her "Old Lady" for some strange reason. We now call her lady.


  4. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Studies have shown that allowing hens to mature more slowly will actually make them lay more eggs over a longer period of time. It allows them to more fully develop their reproductive organs before laying those first eggs. That is probably why you have nice big eggs even for her first ones. There is a lot of information on the website I learned this on, it is at http://www.uBuilderPlans. They have a section called Poultry 101 that is very interesting indeed! Good luck with your hens!