Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New Baby Chicks

The baby chicks have arrived. They made it all the way from Ohio to Waltham Massachusetts in one day. The regional facility in Waltham called me to come get them there because my local post office was already closed for the day. They've done this before and it really speeds the chicks along. They're in the new brooder in the cellar for now, but will soon be moved out to the brooder house (aka garage) depending on weather and how soon they start to smell.

Baby chicks - araucanas, buff orpingtons, gold laces wyandottes, and barred rocks

Araucana chick


  1. Nice looking chicks. What hatchery did you order from?

    I've got an order from Privett due in tomorrow morning, possibly this afternoon. Spent last night prepping the brooder.


  2. Alan,
    They are from Meyer Hatchery in Ohio. It's the first time I ordered from them.

  3. The definition of cuteness...

  4. Oh gosh, I wish I could leave some intelligent comment, but all I can say is "They are SOOOOO cute." Why is it that we humans find some things so terribly adorable :)