Monday, November 28, 2005

Good Company, Good Food

Tonight I ate dinner at my friend Pat’s place. Earlier this morning she headed out on a quest to a butcher that advertised guinea hen. Neither of us has had the opportunity to try guinea hen yet. Her plan was to cook it tonight. Unfortunately they had no guinea hens today. She considered quail, but they were not dated, and were in cryovac, so it was impossible to determine their freshness. She finally settled on Cornish hens. The dinner she cooked was superb. My picture does not do it justice. There was only so much time I could fuss over the picture while I held up the dinner. It’s roast Cornish hen on a bed of creamy mashed potato with endive. It was fantastic. I turned down the offer to borrow the book that the recipe came from, but thinking it over I think I will borrow it next time I see her. It had so many different and interesting flavors, that I think I want to study the recipe.

Guinea hen will have to wait for another time. If you’re wondering what a guinea hen is, look below at the picture of my friend Olivia’s half grown pet guineas. Guineas are not just good for eating; they are excellent for natural insect control. They love to eat bugs and ticks including the deer tick which can spread Lyme disease, a nasty thing, now endemic in my area.

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