Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Those of us who garden don’t only get to have the freshest produce; sometimes we get to have the funniest produce. Oddly shaped fruits and veggies often never make it to market because they are not perfect, standard or won’t ship well. They usually taste just as good as their more perfect veggie relatives and provide so much more opportunity for dinnertime discussion. Next summer I’ve vowed to photo document all my symmetrically challenged veggies. I did remember one photo I took of a conjoined acorn squash. As you can see. it had one stem, but had two separate seed cavities. It went on to become a side dish that served four.

Another double I’ve eaten is double yoker eggs. They are super jumbo eggs that are sometimes produced when a hen starts laying and her body isn’t quite into the rhythm of the whole process. Two yokes end up in one egg. I’ve heard that a hen can also produce a yokeless egg, but I’ve never had one of those. What are cooking in the pan are two double yoker eggs; two eggs, four yokes.

Finally here is one of my dogs playing with my daughter’s puppy today. I have still not gotten a really good photo of them playing. The shutter lag on my digital just doesn’t work for active subjects. I point and shoot. Sometimes they are in the frame. Often they’ve moved out of the frame. These two dogs are not twins, but do have the same mother and father, so are brothers. My dog, Kahlil, on the right is 12 months old. Christine and Barry’s pup on the left is 3 ½ months old. They come from a family of working dogs you’ll find at When I told Christine to leave the pup here today, I’d forgotten I was having my book group for dinner. Of course it’s also pouring rain outside today. After lunch I think I will enforce naptime for the little puppy so I can prepare for guests in peace. By the way, all those teeth are just in good fun, brotherly roughhousing.


  1. Ok. before anyone makes a wise comment. I've invited my book group over to eat dimmer. I'm not having them for dinner. I'm not a cannibal. We're all eating chicken, what else would I serve with a freezer full of chickens.

  2. *grin* I saw all those teeth and thought they looked very familiar! Isn't it while when they do that - almost alien!

    Cool squash too. Neat photo topic - doubles.

  3. What book did your group discuss?

  4. Anonymous9:32 AM

    I found your site by way of googling yolkless egg. There was a very small, almost perfectly round egg in the carton this morning. For breakfast I have been making 4 egg omelets but using only one yoke. Seeing the small egg, I thought, I'll use the yoke from that tiny egg, but to my astonishment, there WAS NO yolk! So I wanted to google it to be sure it was edible ! and that I wouldn't be ingesting some mutant dna ! :-D So, from what I gather from your story, it is a natural enough occurence ?