Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cold and Frost

Lately it's been cold. Cold enough that my car window has frost on the inside, as does my house and many other places that have breathing beings inside creating moisture on very cold windows. Frost seems to form in many patterns. Here is the feathery type as seen below on my bedroom window in the morning.
There is also a swirly type as seen on this chicken coop door. It's not my chicken coop door, but I wish it were, because I think it is a beautiful door with character. As always click on the photos if you want to enlarge them.


  1. Beautiful! No wonder people put "frosted glass" in their decorative entrance doors.

    I always find a lot of things I'd like to photograph on cold days but I rarely brave the temperatures with my camera and naked hands. I can't work the camera with gloves on; I turn into a real fumble-fingers.

  2. HI! from a fellow Belmont gardener. I am enjoying reading about your chickens. I'm hoping to set up a coop and find some hens this spring. Congratulations on your new arrivals.


  3. Neat frost fotos... or is the phrost photos? :) Hope you're all toasty warm with these cold days!

  4. Hello!
    I made two posts about my friend's dogs and cats and I will do tomorrow the post Pets III. I would like to know if you allow me to show up your dog Cocoa and Kahlil. I have a photo on the link that show up also the dog Bogie, your daughter and son-in-law's dog. Please, if you allow me to show the dogs, let me know.

  5. Diane B.11:42 AM

    Very elegant photos of frost! You manage pull the beauty out of a very dreary winter! I really enjoy your artistic photos, my friend.....

  6. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Hi there-

    I'm working on a short story on Boston Magazine about people raising chickens in the greater Boston area (I'm the food editor here at the magazine). Could I contact you for an interview? My email address is


  7. Thinking of you and hoping all is well.

  8. Hey, UA. You're missed. No pressure to blog again, just want you to know I think of you and hope you're well.

  9. Odysseus7:37 AM

    Greetings urban agrarian. I am at work on another book about agrarian possibilities -- and necessities. While researching I came across your blog, and was immediately whisked through a Time Warp back to the 1970s when I was a columnist for the Belmont Herald, down on Flett St., and the editor of the Watertown Sun.

    Nowadays I live way out west, deep in a canyon, and the growing conditions are very different.

    I very much enjoyed reading your blog, and wish you a bountiful season! -

  10. Anonymous12:21 AM

    Great blog!!!

    I am a student, so have no lot to live on, however big, but your blog makes me look forward to a time when I can start my own urban gardens and coops!!

    I would love to talk to you more about your hens in particular. I am from Kamloops , canada and I have started a urban hen movement here. I am trying to vary the current by-law so that people with lots smaller than an acre can have hens too.

    Check out our website and if you have time I would love chat over email.

    Happy winter

  11. Hey UA,
    Just checking in to see if there's any action on your blog. Hope you're warm and well.

  12. Have you abandoned this blog? I hope you are doing well.



  13. Just checkin' in. Hope you are all doing well. -Walter