Friday, June 16, 2006

A Tomato is Born

If I could only plant one thing in my garden it would be tomatoes. Today I discovered the first tomato fruits starting to grow. They are both so young that their flowers haven't even fallen off yet. They are nowhere as big as they look, are pea-sized and barely noticeable if you walk in the garden. The one above is a Costoluto Fiorentino. It's one of the varieties that I grew from seed. and is a new one for me this year. It's described as a big, old-fashioned, misshapen, heavy, ribbed beef tomato from Florence, very meaty and ideal for slicing with fruits about 5 or 6 ounces. Its heavy ribs are certainly evident even so soon after planting.

Below is a very young, also pea-sized cherry tomato. The variety is Matt's Wild Cherry. I planted this variety last year. Its a good tasting prolific small red cherry tomato. It is one of the most tenacious tomato varieties I've ever planted. When other tomatoes are being attacked by blights and other things this variety kept going strong and it's doesn't seem prone to cracking. When I discovered cherry tomatoes in a row where I knew that I had not planted any cherry tomatoes it was always this variety. It ranges every where. It is the exact opposite of compact and bushy. It has a lot of personality. I always thought it would be a great tomato to train on an arched arbor. I like this tomato a lot but now plant it on the ends of the rows where I can keep a close eye on it. The fruits are small, tomato red and are perfect for adding to salads or eating as you work in the garden.

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  1. Just ate the first couple of ripe Sun Sugar orange cherry tomatoes from my two plants. They're like candy!

    Also had a good pea harvest, a couple of kohlrabi, lotsa lettuce, some beets and tons of radishes. The edamame, Masal beans, cabbages and summer squash are looking good. My first planting of sweet corn never came up, but the second planting looks good, except for the ones the cutworm destroyed. Finally destroyed the cutworm last night 8-)